Keyboard Shortcut: if you a page on any * domain, click ctrl + alt + a ("a" stands for admin) will edit the page in the CMS admin.

Alternatively, in Chrome: 

1. click Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager
2. In the "Organise" section, add a page
3. Type the name "EDIT PAGE in MOBLE CMS"
4. Paste the javascript code below into the second field:

javascript:(function (window,$) {window.location = '/admin/page/edit' + (window.location.pathname == '/' ? '/index' : window.location.pathname).replace(/^\/(post\/)/, '/');})(window,jQuery);


The following shortcuts must be pressed in the exact order from left to right, e.g. "a p" means type a followed by p.

The following shortcuts works anywhere in the CMS

a p - Add a new page
a f - Add a new file

g p - Go to Pages
g f - Go to Files
g b - Go to Blog

g d - Go to Dashboard
g n - Go to Navigation
g t - Go to Tags
g w - Go to Widgets

g c s s - Go to Edit CSS
g j s - Go to Edit Javascript

g s - Go to Styles

g f m - Go to Forms
g e - Go to Contacts

g u - Go to Users
g s t - Go to Settings
g p a - Go to Payments

g p o - Go to Projects

b y e - Logout



The following shortcuts works when you are editing a page

command (mac)/ctrl (windows) + s - Save Page

alt + v - View Page

command (mac)/ctrl (windows) + z - Undo
command (mac)/ctrl (windows) + alt + z - Redo

alt + 1 - Content Editing Mode
alt + 2 - Row Editing Mode
alt + 3 - Block Editing Mode
alt + 4 - Advanced Editing Mode


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