Tag Combos are a great way to filter exactly what you are looking for. With this feature, you can filter by as many tags as you like at once.

In addition to showing all the items with the tags that you have selected, you can also adjust the conditions so that it will only show tags that are marked with all of the tags.


Let's say that you are looking for 'Hidden' pages, that are tagged with 'Slider'. You also decide to show pages that are tagged with 'Featured'. You select the tags for 'Slider' and 'Featured' and then click 'Search'.

The default will show any items that are tagged with either 'Slider' or 'Featured'. If you are happy to see everything in your search results, you will then leave your settings as 'Can match any'.

However, if you want to show only items that are tagged with both 'Slider' and 'Featured' you will then select 'Must match all'.


Can match any: Will show any items that are tagged with either 'Slider' or 'Featured'.

Must match all: Will only show items that are tagged with both 'Slider' and 'Featured'.

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