At various locations within MOBLE CMS you are presented with a custom colour palette for your brand, derived from your Styles area. There is also a colour picker, should you ever need to add additional colours outside of your branded style sheet.

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Background Colours: Clone Layouts

See how Background Colours were used in the 5 Day Challenge to make Light and Dark Layout variants. Quickly changing the background colours allows designers to capitalise on their great work with extras Layouts for their content team to use.


Colour Swatches are managed in the Colours Area and appear in various locations around your MOBLE website tools. To change your colour palette go to the 'Styles' in the Main Menu, and click 'Colours'.

By giving your content team exact colour swatches to choose from, this ensures that never stay off brand and introduce new colours to your design.

It also has the advantage that if you change a colour swatch in the colours area it will automatically update the swatch right across your website, giving designers flexibility to adjust brand colours when deigning new campaigns, or undertaking a redesign.

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Colours Area

Primary Colours and Supporting Colours are used to determine your background colours swatches.


In instances where you would like to introduce non-branded colours to a background (e.g. Client Case Study Pages), your can use the colour picker to select a colour or add a Hex Code.