View Height quite simply enables you to determine a fixed height for the 'View'. The word 'View' is used to define the specific tile. Therefore, you can simply consider the height to be equivalent to the height of a specific row, not the total height of the Widget.


If the widget was a Slider, the View Height would be the full height of the widget. However, if the widget was a Grid with 4 rows, the View Height would be the height of one row.

Common use cases are to change the dimensions of the widget, for example:

  • Rather than showing a Slider with an Aspect Ration of 16x9, which might naturally display at 1440x810px, you could fix the height to 500px height. Therefore, on the same screen, this would now display at 1440x500px.
  • With a Multi-Slider, you might decide that a tower shape looks better than a square. Therefore, you could select an Aspect Ratio of 1x1 (Square), then set the Height to a much taller height e.g. 800px height. You will now have a column, tower shape for your Multi-Slider.
Widget Component View Height