Watch the Editor Masterclass filmed during the 5 Day Challenge, where you can learn every feature of the MOBLE Editor and become a website designer in under 2 hours.

'2 hours you say?'. In the time it takes to watch a footy match, or the time it takes to listen to half a Joe Rogan podcast, you will have become a website designer! Which a far better shout than spending a year a Uni to learn just the same! After this Masterclass you'll be able to look at any website layout in the world a recreate it in moments and you'll be truly confident to call yourself a website designer.

  D03 E01    28:36

Essentials - Full Flick

Introduction to the MOBLE Editor and Bot Assisted Design 

In this episode we introduce MOBLE's Visual Page Editor, and ask you the question, are you going to learn to design layouts from scratch, or are you happy to use MOBLE's pre-made layouts. Currently there are 5,000 mix 'n match Layout and over 70 themes, as soon as you drop them on to a page, our bots will flip them to your Brands Fonts and Colours.

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  D03 E02    1:19:24

Intermediate - Full Flick

Build Website Layouts From Scratch

This is the episode where you become a fully fledged website designer. We walk you through every feature of MOBLE's visual editor and go through our step by step process of building layouts from scratch and saving them to your Layouts Drawer for all your team to use.

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  D03 E03    40:23

Advanced - Full Flick

Developer Sills with No Code + Troubleshooting 

In this episode you'll learn 3 website design skills developers know that designers wished they knew. We focus on the less intuitive relationship between Parent and Child Frames and how the can interact together.

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