Fixed Width enables you to fix your frame to a maximum width of 1280px.

Fixed Width is most commonly used if you would like to contain your text on desktop devices (e.g. screens over 1280px wide). This offers polite consideration to your desktop users, so that the reading width of your page, does not span the full width of the screen. For large desktop devices (e.g. 1920px wide), applying no fixed would make reading unpractical. Therefore, 'Fixed Width' need only be turned 'On' in one frame per layout. When you set Fixed Width 'On' in one frame, all other frames within the Row will be set to 'Off' automatically.

MOBLE CMS Fixed Width


Fixed Width is rarely applied to the outer 'Row', since the 'Row' is often used for background images and background colours (that span the full width).

Fixed Width can be applied to any Frame, though a Pro Tip is that you apply it to the inner row when in advanced mode. This allows you to quickly accessed Fixed Width and turn it on off as and when you require.


When using MOBLE's pre-formatted layouts 'Fixed Width' can be used as follows:

  • Drag in a Design Layout from the Layouts Drawer
  • Select 'Advanced' mode from Header Bar. On most occasions, in Advanced mode, you will notice a lightly shaded mustard 'Inner Row'.
  • Click the Pencil Icon on this Inner Row frame and the Frame Tools will slide in.
  • Now you can toggle the Fixed Width On and Off, as per the image above.
  • All Layouts on your page can follow this format to keep consistent page alignment across all Layouts.
  • If you would like your text to span the full width, simply set 'Fixed Width' to 'Off'

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