Tags are an amazing way to group files on your website. In any files Widget (e.g. Gallery or Documents) you can choose which tags you want to show.

Simply add the 'Tags' that you require for each file here. Tags that you have already created will appear as you start typing.

You can also manage tags in bulk in the 'Tags' section.


It is always best to be as granular as possible when tagging. For example:

Blue Jeans should be two tags, 'Blue' and 'Jeans' not 'Blue Jeans'

This makes for flexible widget management, both now and in the future. For example, your widget might show Blue Jeans today, however, in the future you might want it to show all blue clothing, or jeans of all colours. Therefore, it might also be an idea to apply tags for the categories that the file falls within, for example:

'Blue', 'Jeans', 'Colours', 'Clothing'

If you remain granular it makes it easy to swap and change tag combinations on the fly.