Hover Effect is the animation that appears when you hover your mouse over an item in a Widget feed.


In a News widget, if you hover over a news item, then an animation will appear, often with a text summary informing you a little bit more about what is within the news article, to entice you to click for more.

MOBLE CMS enables the Hover Effect of your widgets to be changed. This can either be done by a front-end developer in the Styles area using the HTML and JS tools. Or, you may wish to contact MOBLE for more information.

Typically, a website will have one standard Hover Effect, that is used for a consistent site-wide look and feel. MOBLE CMS comes with at least one animation as standard and this is set to the 'Primary'. Depending on your package/plan, you may have more than one Hover Effect, you may use this feature to flip between Hover Effects and also turn them Off and On.