Sort Order in the Page Settings area allows you to assign the position that your page will appear in a widget feed; in relation to other pages that are in the same widget.

While it is useful to be able to assign a Sort Order to individual pages, here in the page settings area. It is much easier to assign the Sort Order for all pages at the same time. This can be done in either the main Pages area and also in the Tags area.

  • Select the same Tags that are in your Widget
  • Use the Sort Order column to order each page
  • Save
  • Now double check to make sure that your Widget is set to Sort Order.
  • To do this go the page where the widget resides.
  • Click to open the Widget Component
  • Ensure that the 'Sort By' is set to 'Sort Order'

  • Find the Tag that you what to update (if there is more than one Tag for this Widget, just select one).
  • Click Edit
  • Select the Content Types that will be in you Widget
  • Add any other Tags that are in the Widget
  • Click Search
  • Now update the Sort Order column and Save