The Title Tag is an essential part of content management since it is often used by search engines, such as Google, on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), to let people know a little bit more about the page before they click.

It is also used by social media websites in the anchor text. Which again informs people on social media websites a little bit more about your page before they click.

The Title Tag is therefore critical for:

  • CTR - to entice search engine and social media users to click to your page (i.e. improve your click through rate).
  • SEO - to enhance the way that a search engine ranks your web page (i.e. improve your search engine optimisation).



  • You can use up to 60 characters for your Title Tag on Google. If you keep your Tittle Tag below 60 Characters, research suggests that 90% of your title will display correctly.
  • The Title Tag is not just used by Google, therefore it is best to write concise information about the article in the first 15 characters.

An optimum format can read:

Keyword One - Keyword Two | Business Name

Your Title Tag is used in the following locations. 

  • Browser (often in the Browser Tab and at the top of the browser)
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • External Websites E.g. Social Media Anchor (such as an ad, or news feed link)

When optimising your title tag always consider the following:

  • Readability - should look natural
  • Relevance - should be about your page
  • Emotion - should encourage clicks