You can choose to fix an image in the background. When you scroll, the background image position will remain fixed. The text (and other components) in the foreground will scroll over the background image.

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Embed v Background Images - Fixed Height

A common query for first timers is knowing when to use an embed image v's a background image. Background Images are most commonly used when you want to apply text on top of an image, here we choose a background image so that a Fixed Height can be applied to your Frame.


Background Image Fit creates a beautiful and popular motion effect on your website. This is a simple effect that anyone can apply to create a premium look on your website pages.


Text Legibility
Designers will often fix a background when text is hard to read on top of on a busy background image. The scrolling effect of the text over the image will make foreground text naturally easier to read. This allows for braver, more flexible, design choices, knowing that the user have more control in instances when foreground text might otherwise fight with the background image.

Parallax Scrolling
Fixing a Background Image is an essential setting when using Parallax effects. As you scroll down the page, a foreground Image or Text rolls over the top of a background image, creating the natural layer and depth. Parallax can be used to change the speed and direction of which your foreground components, allowing for simple yet exciting design choices, to quickly give your pages a high-end feel.