MOBLE CMS includes hundreds or pre-designed layouts that you can drag onto any page at any time. In addition to this, on MOBLE CMS you can modify and save your own layouts for future use, to build consistent pages even quicker.

There is no limit to the number of Layouts you can save. Here is where you keep all of your layouts. Plus, you can keep yourself organised by putting your layouts into folders so that they can be found easily by you and your team in the page Editor.

The Video below begins with a Layout for a Landing page. The layout is first tweaked and then saved to the Layouts area. The Layout is then used to create a variation of the Layout, with an alternate banner image. This allows the marketing automation team to test which banner image converts better.


MOBLE CMS provides extensive features and functionality to be enjoyed by both new and advanced users. Here you can quickly discover three features to help you along you way:

  1. Adding a page
    • A glossary video detailing Page Types and Page Status when adding a page
  2. Tour of the Editor
    • A walk through video of the MOBLE CMS Editor
  3. Features of the Search Tool
    • A run through of features at your disposal to help you search and sort your pages in the CMS.