Background Image Fit lets you control how your background image fits across all screen sizes.

MOBLE CMS Background Image Fit


'Cover' is the default setting that automatically adjusts your image so that it aligns to be full width on every device and screen size. 

'Cover' is most frequently used in the outer row to present a 'full bleed' image that sits nicely in the background of your Row. However, you may use this effect within Blocks or absolutely any location where you wish to show a background image.

This tool provides extreme flexibility, limited only to your design creativity. However, if you are not a designer, keep it simple, choose a great image and your website will look beautiful in an instant.


'Contain' is a neat effect that presents your image at it true dimensions. For creatives, this provides an opportunity to express yourself in various ways. Some common uses are:

  • Overflow effect: Allow your image to flow off the page (or even off the Block) where it is placed.
    E.g. You upload a 1500px image in a left-hand block, if the device screen is less than 1500px, the image will spill over the page to the right.

  • Fixed: Fix a small image behind your text.
    E.g. You may have a small (let's say 200px by 200px) transparent png of a speech bubble that sits behind a customer testimonial. You might position the image Top Left. The speech bubble will be contained in the top left, creating an awesome look behind your customer testimonial.

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