MOBLE Forms have an 'ActiveCampaign Tags Integration' so that when a user completes your form on MOBLE, they will be automatically assigned to your preferred ActiveCampaign List when they subscribe. When you create a Tag in ActiveCampaign it will automatically appear in here in MOBLE.

ActiveCampaign Tags and Lists

Lists and tags are the main methods to group your contacts on ActiveCampaign and can be used together to create highly targetted segments.

MOBLE integrate with ActiveCampaign via Tags not via Lists. This allows you to group a number of List with one Tag which offers a simple method to stay neat and tidy.

On MOBLE as you start typing in the ActiveCampaign Tags field your ActiveCampaign Tags will automatically appear.

ActiveCampaign Tags Integration

Before MOBLE Forms can be assigned to ActiveCampaign Tags you must first add your ActiveCampaign Tracking Code,  ActiveCampaign API Key, and Event Key. It's important that you complete all the ActiveCampaign fields in the MOBLE Global Settings area, so let's get your started:

  • Login to your ActiveCampaign Account
  • Go to Settings
    • ActiveCampaign Tracking Code
    • ActiveCampaign API URL and API Key
      • Open the Developer Page
      • Copy the API URL 
      • Go back to your MOBLE Global Settings Area (Found via the top left Menu Icon)
      • Paste in the API URL to the ActiveCampaign API URL field and click Save.
      • Go back to the Developer page on ActiveCampaign
      • Copy the API Key 
      • Go back to your MOBLE Global Settings Area
      • Paste in the API Key to the ActiveCampaign API URL field and click Save.
    • ActiveCampaign Event Key
MOBLE ActiveCampaign Integration