A slider is a nice effect for rotating a series of transitioning images, pages or files, on your web pages.

  • An image slider rotates a series images.
  • When you click on an image it opens up in a lightbox.
  • If you have included a page URL in Image Settings area, clicking on the image will open this page URL rather than opening the lightbox.
  • There is no text on top of the image, though depending on the animation it might display the image summary description.

  • A page slider rotates a series pages.
  • The slide will slide the full page, so it will effectively slide any content you. 
  • This can be used for anything from sliding text content, background images with text on top.
  • Use cases might include web-presentations online rather than using Keynote or Powerpoint. It could be to describe your business processes. Or, just a more advanced image slider that allows you to position text in different positions for each background image.
  • It is super important that you set both the widget 'Height' and the row 'Height' to the same height e.g. 600px. This will ensure that each slide is the same height.