A 'Page Icon' can be applied to each page and can be seen in the 'Pages' section

The 'Page Icon' is also used as the feature image within widgets. E.g. in a 'Blog Widget' the 'Page Icon' will appear as the blog feed image, seen before you click through to the blog post. Therefore, try to chose an image that is enticing, to encourage users to click for more information.


We will automatically size your images to fit many locations around your website. MOBLE will also compress your images automtically for you therefore it is not essential to siz eyour images before uploading. 

However, if you are a Website Designer, you'll no doubt wnt to size your own images for optimise the images as you require. If so, it is recommended that you upload an image with the following dimensions:

Ratio: 16x9
Dimensions: 1440px x 810px
Size: < 200kb (as low as possible)
Type: .jpg (.jpg will be a smaller file size than .png)