Background Overlay enables you to place a transparent layer between your background and your text. While this feature can dramatically enhance your website aesthetics, it is an essential user experience function to ensure the legibility of your text.

Demonstrating a combination of Parallax, Shift and Reveal on Scroll. Learn how to achieve this in this Episode.

You can see in the sample below that Parallax scrolling the movements of the background element (e.g. an image) and the foreground element over the top of each other at different speeds.

Any Frame on MOBLE can be moved either up and down at 7 different speeds and you can edit the speeds easily with a slider bar. The advantage of controlling the Frame is that you can put any element inside a frame, be it an image, text, or even a code block, delivering significant time saving for Frontend developers and an easy to use user interface for beginners. 

MOBLE is currently considering adding left, right and diagonal movements to the parallax tools and we would love to hear your feedback.

DirtyFeet Parallax
MOBLE CMS Parallax
MOBLE CMS Parallax Effect

Parallax Effect set on the outside frame to 'Up' and speed '3', allowing this frame to move upwards as the user scrolls down the page.