The 'Devices' feature enables you to determine the devices that will be able to view a particular frame. 

Frame Tools Pro Devices

This feature is naturally set to 'Show on all Devices', meaning that the Frame will show on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile screens.

If the feature is set to 'Desktop Only', then that that Frame and all other Frames on the inside of that Frame will only be seen on Desktop and not on Mobile or Tablet.

Please note, that any Frames in the same Row, that are on the outside of the Desktop Only Frame, will still show on Mobile and Tablet. Therefore, it is best practice to only apply this feature to the outer Row.

The feature is often used when the information that you wish to 'Show on Desktop' will be different to that on mobile. Common use cases include:

Common use cases include:

  • Desktop Only is used on longer pages, where there is a need to show less content (that is more targeted and precise) to mobile users. For example, let's say the page has eight rows. You decide that you only need to show three of the more priority Rows on mobile. You then apply the 'Desktop Only' class to the five less important Rows.
  • You may duplicate a Row, then set one row to 'Desktop Only' and the other Row to 'Tablet and Mobile Only'. In the 'Desktop Only' Row you add the content that you would like Desktop users to see. In the 'Tablet and Mobile Only' you add the content that you would like Tablet and Mobile users to see.

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