Frame Width is an essential tool if you would like to reduce the width of a particular frame. For example, you may wish to make a Frame narrower to improve the look and feel of how a frame sits on your page.

By default, all frames are set to 100%. To reduce the Frame Width simply use the slider to set your desired width. MOBLE allows you to choose a width in increments of 5%.

MOBLE CMS Frame Width


For beginners, a common use case is to set the Frame width in the Inner Row as shown in the image above and as follows:

  • Click to 'Advanced' mode in the Header Bar.
  • Click the pencil icon for the lightly shaded Mustard 'Inner Row' (as shown in the red dot above).
  • Now used the 'Frame Width' slider to choose your preferred width.
  • Notice that 'Frame Alignment' controls the position of the frame on the page. You can position your Frame to the Left, Centre or Right.
  • Notice that the Inner Row still has 'Fixed Width' set to 'On', this is often best practice since Frame Width is a percentage, therefore you have control of your width irrespective of your user's device screen size.


Frame Width does not apply to mobile. Therefore, if you choose a Frame Width MOBLE will automatically set your frame to 100% width on mobile, giving you one less thing to worry about and perfect alignment mobile devices.


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