MOBLE CMS includes hundreds or pre-designed layouts that you can drag onto any page at any time.

In addition to this, on MOBLE CMS you can modify and save your own layouts for future use, to build consistent pages even quicker.


Once you're happy with a Page Layout it is important to consider that you may save the layout for future use. Use the [ SAVE] button in the Layouts Drawer to save the Entire Page as a Layout. Once you have saved your page it will appear on your 'Site Layouts' tab.

MOBLE CMS Layouts Save Page

As well as saving an entire Page as a Layout, that you can also save an individual Row as a Layout too. The outer frame of all Rows are highlighted in a Mustard colour. Click the Check Icon to save the Row.

MOBLE CMS Layouts Save Row

When you save either a Page or a Row as a Layout, they will be saved to the 'Site Layouts' Tab.

Your Layouts are stored and edited in the in the 'Styles' area in the 'Layouts' tab.

MOBLE Help - My Site Layouts


MOBLE CMS provides extensive features and functionality to be enjoyed by both new and advanced users. Here you can quickly discover three features to help you along you way:

  1. Adding a page
    • A glossary video detailing Page Types and Page Status when adding a page
  2. Tour of the Editor
    • A walk through video of the MOBLE CMS Editor
  3. Features of the Search Tool
    • A run through of features at your disposal to help you search and sort your pages in the CMS.