How to add the Google Tag Manager container to web pages

In Google Tag Manager a container snippet is provided for each web container.

Follow the steps below to install the container snippet:

  1. Near the top of your Tag Manager workspace's home screen, you will see your container ID number (formatted as "GTM-XXXXX"). Click it to launch the Install Tag Manager box.
  2. Copy the code snippets and go to the MOBLE CMS Settings area found via the Main Menu
  3. Locate the field for Google Tag Manager and paste the code snippet into the field.
  4. Click Save and your code snippet will be automatically added to the correct location on your website.
  5. Note the portion of the code GTM-XXXXXX: This is the unique identifier for each of your containers. Be sure to remove any tags that are now in the Google Tag Manager Container (e.g. Google Analytics, AdWords Conversion Tracking, etc) from the site pages at the same time. Therefore, if you have already added Google Analytics to your MOBLE website (in the Google Analytics fields) and would prefer to use Google Analytics in Tag Manager, on MOBLE, you will need to delete the code snippet from the Google Analytics fields. The same is true for AdWords.
  6. To help verify or troubleshoot your installation, you can use Tag Manager's Preview Mode and the Tag Assistant Chrome extension.

Learn more at the Tag Manager developer Quick Start Guide.