'Display Date' is an important attribute that lets your website visitors know the relevant date of a particular file. 'Display Date' does not necessarily have to be the date that the file was created or published (i.e. it is not the 'Publish Date').


You are uploading a batch of images that you took over a year ago, you wish for your visitors to see the date that the photo was taken. You can apply a Display Date so that the images within widgets can now be sorted by the Display Date and not by the date that they were uploaded to the website.


Display Date is used as a key sorting feature in your widgets. Display Date can be used to display files in chronological order. You will see the following sorting options within widgets:

Display Date: Displays files with the oldest display date at the top of the list. This is often used to sort Images or Documents that have a display date set in the Files settings.

Display Date Latest: Displays files with the latest display date at the top of the list. This is often used to sort Images or Documents, that have a display date set in theFiles settings.