Menus can be added to any location on any page. This is managed through the Menu Component. Here will take a look at the role of the Menu Component in adding Menus to your website pages.

To add a Menu onto a Page:

  • Add the Menu Component to the correct position on the page:
    • either use the '+' in the Frame tools, or,
    • drag and drop the Menu Component from the 'Build' SideBar.
  • Click on the Menu placeholder and a popup will appear.
  • In the drop down menu select the Menu that you would like to appear on your page.

If you would like to add a new Menu, this is created in the Navigation area, via the Main Menu.

NB: If you leave the page now to go and create a new Menu, please remember to Save your page, then refresh the page after the new form has been created. This will ensure that the Menu will appear in the dropdown and you can place it onto the page.

If you would like help creating new Menus, click the button below for out introductory Navigation and Menus tutorials video.