A Google Map can be added to any location on any page, simply by writing an address in the Map Component.

To add a Map on to a Page:

  • Add the Map Component to the correct position on the page:
    • either use the '+' in the Frame tools, or,
    • drag and drop the Map Component from the 'Build' SideBar.
  • Click on the Map placeholder and a popup will appear.
  • Write the full address include Street, Suburb, Country and Postcode
  • Click save and a Google Map will automatically be generated for you.


If you would like to change the colours and attributes of your Google map, this can be achieved with programs like Snazzy Maps. Please note that you do not add the Embed code here. The Map Component is intended only to write a street address. If you would like to add embed code from an external map program, please use the Code Component, to embed your map.