The Code Component enables you to add any HTML to any location on any of your web pages.

This might be Embed code that you wish to paste from an external website, often this will be in the form of an iFrame.

  • If you have code that is to be Embedded into a page (e.g. YouTube code) then use the Code Component.
  • If you have code that is to be Embedded globally in between the Header Tags (e.g. Google Analytics Code) then do this in the 'Integrations' section of the global site settings area.

Here will take a look at the role of the Code Component in adding code to your website pages.
 To add a Code onto a Page, do as follows:

  • Add the Code Component to the correct position on the page:
    • either use the '+' in the Frame tools, or,
    • drag and drop the Code Component from the 'Build' SideBar.
  • Click on the Code placeholder and a popup will appear.
  • Paste in the code and click save. 

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