There are situations when you may wish to give your button an ID. The most frequent use case is when you wish to anchor a link, an image, or even another button to your button.

This can be set up as follows:

  1. Give your button an ID.
    • TIP: ensure your ID is in lowercase and also with no spaces (use hyphens rather than spaces). E.g. #your-object.
  2. You may now create an anchor link in the following locations:
    • Another Button. Use the 'Anchor List' drop down in any other button. 
    • An Image. Use the 'Anchor List' drop down in the image.
    • A Text Link. NB for a Text Link there is no 'Anchor List', however in the url field, use a # before your adding your ID. E.g. #your-object.
  3. In Buttons and Images, notice that the 'Anchor List' dropdown will automatically display your image ID.
    • Select the ID from the drop down.
  4. Ensure that 'Scroll To' is on for Images, Buttons and Text Links (For Text Links, select 'Scroll' from the 'Class' dropdown).
  5. Now when a visitor clicks on the Button, Image or Text Link containing the image ID, the page will scroll to (either up or down) your button.